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当修建是为了引发知识这股气力而缔造的,那么它看起来就是一个完美的联合。2011年,修建师Saad El Kabbaj,Driss Kettani和Mohamed Amine Siana设计了位于摩洛哥的Guelmim Technology School、Taroudant University和Laayoune Technology School 这三座大学的修建。When architecture is created toinspire the power of knowledge, it seems to be a perfect combination. In 2011, architects Saad El Kabbaj, Driss Kettani and Mohamed Amine Siana designed thebuildings of the Guelmim Technology School, Taroudant University and Laayoune Technology School, three universities in Morocco.Project@Guelmim Technology School Guelmim Technology School 是修建师Saad El Kabbaj、Driss Kettani和Mohamed Amine Siana的一次乐成的互助设计。



The Technology School of Guelmimin Morocco is a successful collaborative design effort by architects Saad ElKabbaj, Driss Kettani and Mohamed Amine Siana. This linear and geometric school is composed of several buildings whichencapsulate modernity and traditional Moroccan heritage. Cantilevered overhangs and shaded hallways create cool spaces and natural air ventilation in the extremeclimate. The buildings are positioned in such a fashion that the changing position of the sun creates distinct shadows against the mud colored paint andcreates a textured and interesting appearance.Project@Guelmim Technology School设计理念是缔造一个现代修建,同时向其遗产和园地致敬。修建外观象征着摩洛哥大地的一切,结构则遵循了简朴和清晰的现代设计原则,注重线性和对称。这就是这个项目真正的卓越之处,在没有人能够提出明确需求的情况下,它切合了所有的要求。修建根据l形的模式组织,位于南北轴线上。

它们的体积相当庞大,在内部和外部之间形成了庞大的对比。然而,这种过分的比例被突出的方形和矩形开口所平衡。这一特征因其一连性而令人赞叹。The idea was to create a modern building while paying tribute to its heritage and site. The cladding technique symbolises everything about the Moroccan landscape, and the structure follows asimple and clear modern approach, focusing on linearity and symmetry. That'sthe real brilliance of this project, which met all the requirements without anyone being able to pinpoint why. The building is organized in an L-shaped pattern and is located on the north-south axis. They are quite large in size,creating a huge contrast between the inside and the outside. However, thisexcessive proportion is balanced by prominent square and rectangular openings.This feature is remarkable for its continuity.Project@Guelmim Technology School太阳用炽热的阳光亲吻着这一片土地,位于非洲北部一个名为摩洛哥的沙漠王国。


强烈的阳光在沙色红墙上投下了引人注目的阴影。The sun kissed the land with itsblazing rays in a desert kingdom in northern Africa called Morocco. The strong sunlight cast dramatic shadows on the sandy red walls.Project@Taroudant UniversityDriss Kettani的另一个项目Taroudant大学位于摩洛哥一个有着浓重文化特色的世俗小镇,其充满历史气息的修建气势派头体现了摩洛哥南部的深厚风情。Taroudant University试图通过一座承载未来愿景的修建来重新诠释这一遗产。为了到达这一效果,该设计依赖于一系列修建和都会原则,通过一种观点来实现。

在这种观点中,内部和外部相互渗透,尺度差别,个体与修建融为一体。A secular town with a strongcultural identity, Taroudant architectural style, full of history, is an expression of the deep Moroccan South. The Taroudant University is an attempt to reinterpret that heritage through a building that carries a vision for thefuture. To that effect, the design relies on a set of architectural and urbanprinciples brought to life through a conception where the inward and the outward interpenetrate, the scales vary and where the user is one with architecture.Taroudant University的修建部署在花园南北轴线的两侧,将园地一分为二。每一个混凝土块的墙壁都被匀称地笼罩在橘红色的渲染上,这被大略地应用,使它显示纹理。

共有11个街区,课堂、实验室和演讲室主要位于四座最大的修建内,每座修建都围绕着小庭院。The buildings of TaroudantUniversity are arranged either side of a north to south axis of gardens thatsplits the site into two halves. Walls of each concrete block are uniformlycovered in the orangey red render, which is applied roughly so that it shows agrain. There are eleven blocks in total and classrooms, laboratories andlecture rooms are mainly housed within the four largest buildings, which eachwrap around small courtyards.Project@Taroudant UniversityLaayoune Technology School位于摩洛哥南部撒哈拉地域的主要都会。与前二个项目相比,在质料、形式和组成的选择上有显着的相似之处:赭石混凝土结构重新诠释了摩洛哥传统的原始土修建和撒哈拉的颜色。

受阿拉伯传统要塞Qasba(沙加邻里)的启发,修建由几何形状相似的石块组成,只有几个开口,投射出强烈的阴影。光秃秃的墙壁,与他们严肃的外观,从大学教授的科学价值启发寻求控制,目的是掩护,易于维护,并只管淘汰成本和浪费。Laayoune Technology School is located in southern Morocco, the main city in the Sahara region. The University network also includes Taroudant University and Guelmin TechnicalCollege. The three projects have obvious similarities in material, form andcomposition: the ochre concrete structure redefines the traditional Moroccan earthen architecture and the color of the Sahara. Inspired by the traditionalArab stronghold of Qasba (the Shaga neighborhood), the building consists of geometrically similar blocks with only a few openings that cast strong shadows.The bare walls, with their austere appearance, seek restraint inspired by thescientific value of university professors, with the aim of protecting, easy tomaintain, and minimizing costs and waste.Project@Laayoune Technology School该修建的结构与Taroudant University很是相似,以轴线为基础,从西北到东南,主入口在其中一个侧臂上。种种修建被支解成碎片状,允许最大限度的自然通风和采光,并通过一系列外部路径、广场、笼罩的广场、矿园毗连起来,以恰当地增强这一都会观点。



质料的使用最小化,强调整体的抽象和连贯性,同时满足可连续性和易于维护的需求。The layout of the building isvery similar to Taroudant University, in that it is based on an axis runningfrom northwest to southeast, with the main entrance on one of the side arms.The various buildings are fragmented to allow for maximum natural ventilationand lighting and are connected through a series of external paths, plazas, covered plazas, and mining gardens to appropriately enhance this urban concept.The building's vocabulary is solid, geometric, and contrasts with the ochrecolor of the exterior and the light of the interior. Use different sunscreen devices: sunshades, double skin, protective walkways, etc. The use of materialsis minimized, emphasizing overall abstraction and consistency while meeting therequirements of sustainability and ease of maintenance.Project@Laayoune Technology School所有的街区被广场和种植着树木的小路中断和毗连,小“绿洲”部门被阳光遮蔽,街道装饰富厚了勉励人们停下来在户外社交。修建师特别关注撒哈拉的气候和温度问题以及室内小气候:墙壁上重复的垂直开口为室内遮挡强光和热量,同时为课堂提供富足的自然光线和通风。

在这些强大而无声的墙壁内,有时被视为第二层皮肤,可以发现与大地精密联系的严严性,这是摩洛哥修建数世纪以来的特征。All blocks are interrupted and connected by squares and tree-lined paths, small "oases" arepartially shaded by the sun, and street decorations abound to encourage peopleto stop and sociate outdoors. The architects paid particular attention tosaharan climate and temperature issues, as well as indoor microclimates: repeated vertical openings in the walls shield the interior from glare and heat, while providing ample natural light and ventilation to the classrooms. Within these powerful and silent walls, sometimes seen as a second skin, can befound the rigor of the close connection with the earth that has characterizedMoroccan architecture for centuries.Project@Laayoune Technology School项目信息━项目所在:摩洛哥Project Location:Morocco项目年份:2011年/2014年Project Year: 2011/2014修建师:Driss Kettani、Saad El Kabbaj、Mohamed Amine SianaArchitect:Driss Kettani, Saad El Kabbaj, Mohamed Amine Siana摄影:Fernando Guerra、DoublespacePhotography:Fernando Guerra, Doublespace。